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Timeless Memories …Connecting Generations

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Colori Collection 


Framed Art

Framed Art with
Nursey Rhyme


Framed Art with
Nursey Rhyme

Framed Art


Walnut Collection 


Framed Art


Framed Art with
Nursery Rhyme


Nana loves Nursery Rhymes...and I am bringing you some of my favorite nursery rhyme friends.

They are so cute... and looking for a place in your home or nursery.
Think of it sixteen colorful prints of the world’s best-loved story-book characters complete ready for hanging.
What a wonderful way to decorate a child’s room!
The exquisite framed characters reproduced from our original art…portray all the warmth and charm of:
Little Bo Peep, Little Boy Blue,  Old King Cole, etc…written over 300 years ago (17th Century)…and enjoyed by over 5 generations.
 These reproductions of our original art are unlike anything else of their kind ever offered. They’ll give your child (Grandchild) lasting enjoyment and bring back memories of parents and grandparents as well.
 Our friends come with 4 designer color coordinated mats and frames, plus deluxe walnut wood frames… complete, ready for you to  hang on a wall…stand on table or bookcase
I hope you enjoy our friends!

The Collection

    16 Original Characters
  • 5 Designer colors (Frames & Mats)
  • 3 Sizes

Deluxe wood walnut grain with color mats

See all the framed art availability by clicking on the
characters below to take you to the product pages
for sizes and prices…Enjoy!.. These special character
are sure to bring back memories of your childhood..

Look for many more products coming with these nursery rhyme characters.

Comes Completely Framed:

Ready for hanging on the wall or standing on a table or bookcase with a standard easel back

 All frames come standard with:
  • Frame
Easels Backs

Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

            Shop below by character - Click on your favorite character for color and frame selections.

Alice in Wonderland nursery decor

Little Bo Peep nursery decor

Queen of Hearts nursery decor

Mary had a Little Lamb nursery decor

Litle Polly Flinders nursery   decor

Little Miss Muffet nursery decor

Old Mother Hubbard nursery   decor

Mistress Mary baby nursery decor

Little Boy Blue nursery </p />

Huckleberry Finn   nursery decor

Wee Willie Winkie nursery   decor

Old King Cole nursery decor

Little Jack Horner nursery decor

Tom Tom nursery decor

Robin Hood nursery decor

Little Tommy Tucker nursery   decor



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  • “Early childhood is the most important time in a human being's development."
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  • We pride ourselves on offering you innovative and timeless designs that will provide years of happiness and sentimental memories for your children and grandchildren.
  • Nana’s Collection “Timeless Memories Collection”, began out of a desire to provide art for children that would engage and inspire.
  • At Nana’s Collection it is believed that art stimulates and helps develop a child's mind, spirit and health
  • One glimpse of this adorable original designed nursery rhyme characters, and you can't help but fall in love…and we hope that they will bring back many wonderful memories from your childhood.
  • Watch our website for new artist…new designs…limited collector editions. We plan on introducing new products ever 3 months expanding our product line.

Nana’s Collections mission is to provide consumers with the most luxurious, exclusive, and hassle-free creative children's & adult accessories on the market.

Wherever there's a mother, father, grandparent, sister, aunt, or other caregiver, there is a Mother Goose. From Iran to India, Singapore to Switzerland, she is ever-present with tales to tell.

When asked to recall childhood memories, very few if any of us, would not include the fabulous tales of Mother Goose, nor would we forget the wonderful nursery rhymes we were able to recite long before we could read or write. These tales and rhymes have stayed with us and many others around the world for years. We have inherited them from our grandparents and will continue to pass them on to future generations.

How Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes Came About

Nursery rhymes actually go back at least 2-3 hundred years (1st Published)… but possibly more, nobody is quite certain. The reason that nobody is really sure as to how far back nursery rhymes go is because over 300 hundred years ago nobody but the upper class knew how to write so most of the time any kind of stories or songs were actually only handed down by word of mouth and this included nursery rhymes. But basically the nursery rhymes were created for a variety of different reasons.

But regardless of why, how or by whom nursery rhymes were created…nursery rhymes have been a staple in the lives of millions upon millions of children for several hundred years, ever since Mother Goose stories were first published in the United Kingdom during the 17-18th century. Many people don’t know that these rhymes were actually created starting in 1650 - The earliest known…prior to publishing…to help teach children different concepts, but they were also created to help soothe little ones to sleep when they were crying.  

However, most people don't realize that Mother Goose rhymes and stories were already popular, as individual stories and rhymes before they were published which is why Mother Goose rhymes became well-loved almost instantly upon their publication

Finally, nursery rhymes don’t just connect us to other people; they also link us to the past. “The retelling of each nursery rhyme is a sort of connective tissue between the past, present, and future,” says Nana. “We remember, perhaps unconsciously, the experience of being told these rhymes when we were young.” It’s comforting to new parents to feel themselves a part of a larger chain of parenthood, he says. “The nursery rhyme passed down from generation to generation becomes a verbal heirloom.”

Why Children Need Nursery Rhymes

When asked to recall childhood memories, very few if any of us, would not include the fabulous tales of Mother Goose, nor would we forget the wonderful nursery rhymes we were able to recite long before we could read or write. These tales and rhymes have stayed with us and many others around the world for years. We have inherited them from our grandparents and will continue to pass them on to future generations.

To little kids, though, the silliness of the rhymes doesn’t matter. “Young children do not demand that language make sense. The melody and rhythm are the hook,” says Judith Schickedanz,Ph.D., a professor of early-childhood education at Boston University.

And nursery rhymes have a lot more to offer than just entertainment value. They introduce children to the idea of a narrative, promote social skills, boost language development and lay the foundation for learning to read and spell.

“Nursery rhymes and other repetitive language help children learn to think their way through a word sound by sound in the order in which they hear it,” says Dr. Schickedanz. This ability, known as phonemic segmentation, is best predictor of future reading success, she adds.

Mother Goose rhymes can also pave the way for a love of books. “They’re the perfect first stories for young minds,” says Charles Smith, Ph.D., author ofThe Encyclopedia of Parenting (Theory and Research Press).

“They introduce the idea of listening from beginning to end as the narrative develops, but they’re short, so a child doesn’t have to sit still very long,” he says. “As a child gets older, the timeline can be stretched, so you can read longer stories with a real plot.” Rhymes that invite your child’s participation provide even more learning opportunities,. When you play pat-a-cake, for example, “your baby learns to clap his hands and to recognize his own name,”

Studies find that teaching your baby nursery rhymes like Wee Willie Winkie can greatly increase their cognitive skills. Learn how early childhood literacy programs like "Mother Goose" can help make your baby smarter.

"By being exposed to nursery rhymes, you are also teaching children to listen. The brain gets ready to read and translate from the heard word to the written word later on." "Scientific studies have shown that children who have recited nursery rhymes in their younger years end up being better readers and doing better in school [when they are older]

We hope you and your children and grandchildren enjoy these… Timeless Nursery Rhyme Characters

We also want you to be happy with your purchases.

If you are not completely satisfied or if you have any suggestions for us, please email us.

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